A Golf Course We Love - Remedy Oak


Nestled in the heart of Dorset, on the edge of the New Forest and ten miles north of Bournemouth, lies Remedy Oak golf club. The brainchild of local businessman Bill Riddle, the course opened in May 2006. Built within 256 acres of ancient woodland, the course provides a secluded and tranquil environment in which to enjoy a golfing experience. The design team included the legendary John Jacobs, Built to the highest specifications it took three years to construct. The name Remedy Oak stems from the healing powers long associated with the oak tree situated half a mile from the front entrance. Legend states that The Boy King, King Edward VI who came to the throne at the age of nine, sat under this wonderful tree and ‘touched for the Kings Evil.’ Kings Evil was a medieval custom where the King could touch and heal people of skin diseases. In the six years since opening, Remedy Oak has already established itself as one of the top golf courses in Great Britain and a reputation as the premier course on the south coast of England. The course itself is highly polished with immaculate tee to green grooming, providing uniformly beautiful nicely framed holes. Each hole provides a different challenge and a plethora of shaped shots. Every hole requires a great deal of thought or this course will bite back. The atmosphere at the club lends itself to plenty of enjoyment and lots of relaxation. This is certainly down to the peaceful environment and attentiveness of the customer focussed staff. Remedy Oak is a fantastic new modern course built in an idyllic setting, winding its way through beautiful natural Dorset countryside with plenty of nature and wildlife to take in. With a fast growing reputation this course is rising higher and higher on every golfer’s must play list.